Frequently Asked Questions

We have included some commonly asked questions for current and future patients. If you have questions about your future appointment or would like to schedule one please call 480-550-1644 Thank you.


Everyone experiences difficulties at some point in their life. There are times when some help coping and overcoming these challenges is just what is needed. Whether it is difficult relationships, feeling depressed or anxious, a health issue, assistance with a specific mental health issue that is negatively affecting your life or just adjusting to the many challenges everyone faces, we are here to help. We utilize evidenced-based and best practices to get the most desirable results possible. We maintain the utmost privacy and confidentiality. 

Cancellation Policy

To avoid being charged for a missed appointment we ask that you kindly cancel at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment.

Payment Policy

 Payment is due on or before your appointment. We accept Cash, Check, and Zelle. We do not accept insurance but can provide a superbill for you to submit to your insurance if they reimburse. 

Counseling Appointment Length

Appointments are typically either 50 minutes or 75 minutes depending on what was scheduled.

Cost of Services

Please call for details. 480-550-1644